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Fundraising &
Finding Buyers

Save time, money, and precious resources with a SWFI® Subscription. Users can leverage granular financial and investment data when identifying potential targets. In addition, you can prioritize which investors to pursue and tailor your pitch to their goals and objectives. This can be achieved by our reliable intelligence and deep insights into investor preferences, allocations, mandates, deal history, and commitments.

Target the right investors

Unearth scores of new institutional investors. Users can view detailed information on institutional investors and other entities – including asset allocation data, organizational details, ownership information, RFPs and mandates, transactions, fund commitments, and investment preferences. In a matter of seconds, one can see which real estate properties or companies are being acquired by asset owners or which funds are receiving fund mandates and commitments. Build lists of targets based on their asset allocation, manager lineup, and consultants. Users can then quickly access the right contacts and access to email addresses and phone numbers. SWFI researchers cover all types of asset classes including traditional strategies, private equity and real estate commitments, and even aircraft leasing deals.
Beat the competition to new business opportunities. Be the first to learn about recent or anticipated fund launches and stand out to potential new clients with detailed information on their past funds, performance, relationships, and strategies. Keep a close eye on market and competitor activity by tracking recent fund closures, peers’ client wins and losses, and investor commitments.


With a SWFI® Subscription, you can get 24/7 coverage of what you need to know if you work with institutional investors. Alerts and newsletters inform you on what is going in a world of trillions of dollars moving around globally.

Identify themes & trends

Recognize global, regional, and local trends being adopted by institutional investors. Get timely intelligence and briefings on asset owners. Detect potential legislation and policies that could affect the investment landscape.


Where does your firm rank? SWFI tracks, categorizes, and ranks investors, banks, and other entities by a wide range of measures including asset size and assets under management. Get access to extensive coverage and a deep history on asset owners. Access, filter, and export the largest institutional investors by ranking, type, and more.

Due Diligence
and KYC

Due diligence is not just about making money, it’s about finding the right partner or counterparty. Can you risk doing business with a sanctioned entity or do a deal with a fake company? Furthermore, can you risk doing business with a high risk financial entity?

In moments, vet potential entities

Evaluate investor and other entities’ financials, ownership information, and documents. The SWFI® Subscription allows users the ability to determine what opportunities to pursue and who to work with based on the big picture, not a snapshot.

Asset Owner Intelligence
and Data Flow

Uncover insights at every step of the allocation process and bring comprehensive data and industry leading analysis into your workflow. Segment and cull lists of institutional investors globally by asset size, country, and type. Track fund flows and asset allocation data over a period of time.

Business Development
and Networking

Not only do professionals use for raising money. Some users include service providers and law firms. Find growing companies, discerning investors and new industries for sourcing targets all while growing your business faster than you ever could with a basic list of leads.
Filter, sort, and download people data based of field such as job title, company type, and location.

Network to find unique opportunities

Enhance your network with access to professionals plus see the deals they ve done, companies they ve worked for and more. SWFI® people data is a must have data set for industry professionals.

Deal Trends and

Explore, discover, and track where sovereign funds, pensions, family offices and other entities are allocating their billions. The transaction database enables you the opportunity to search a global library of historical direct transactions and fund commitment data. Our timely, accurate intelligence can help you quickly identify themes, trends, and targets.

Find opportunities that align with your strategy

Search for investment or acquisition targets based on the attributes that matter most to you or your client.

Create and develop target lists

After you’ve run your search, SWFI provides a list of promising opportunities you can use to maintain your investment pipeline. You can also activate alerts for specific changes you’re interested in knowing about across that subset of companies. Intuitively zero in on potential buyers with a guided buyers list based on your preferences. Search for strategic acquirers and financial sponsors using data on their previous investments, available dry powder, fund performance or other criteria. Use up to date contact information to connect with executives, fund managers or lead partners on specific deals to get in touch with the right people.


How well is your fund performing against your peers? SWFI tracks annual returns, as well as asset class returns for some global asset owner
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