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SWFI® is a platform and source of global capital, investor intelligence, money flows, and transparency.

The Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute® (SWFI®) has been on the forefront of global wealth trends since 2008. Founded by Michael Maduell, the organization has been a driving force in enacting greater transparency among sovereign investors, public funds and other asset owners. SWFI is a global organization designed to study sovereign wealth funds, pensions, superannuation funds, family offices, endowments, central banks and other long-term asset owners in the areas of investing, asset allocation, risk, governance, economics, policy, trade, and other relevant issues. MORE














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We Offer

Fundraising & Finding Buyers

Save time, money, and precious resources with a SWFI reg; Subscription. Users can leverage granular financial and investment data when identifying potential targets. In addition, you can prioritize which investors to

Business Development & Networking

Professional investors, legal firms, and service providers are among the many users of Some users include service providers and law firms. Find growing companies discerning investors and new

Deal Trends and Sourcings

Explore, discover, and track where sovereign funds, pensions, family offices and other entities are allocating their billions. The transaction database enables you the opportunity to search a global library of

Asset Owner Intelligence & Data Flow

Uncover insights at every step of the allocation process and bring comprehensive data and industry-leading analysis into your workflow. Segment and cull lists of institutional investors globally by asset size,

Industry Intelligence & Rankings

With a SWFI® Subscription, you can get 24/7 coverage of what you need to know if you work with institutional investors. Alerts and newsletters inform you on what is going in a world of trillions of dollars moving around

Due Diligence and KYC

Due diligence is not just about making money, it’s about finding the right partner or counterparty. Can you risk doing business with a sanctioned entity or do a deal with a fake company

Investor Benchmarking

How well is your fund performing against your peers? SWFI tracks annual returns, as well as asset class returns for some global asset owners.

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SWFI Markets is an integrated financial technology platform that offers a range of services to help investors, investment professionals, analysts and researchers make more informed decisions. Our mission is to democratize access to accurate investment data, highly productive research tools and the latest investment-related news. Our proprietary technology allows us to quickly and efficiently process large amounts of data, and uncover hidden insights and trends. Our collaboration tools, with customized export options, make it easier for analysts to work together and integrate investment data into their own models.

Explore SWFI Markets
Some of the more commonly used tools and services include:


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To foster collaboration among analysts and streamline the investment research process, we offer a secure virtual cloud environment wherein analysts can access and comment on each other's annotations on earnings reports and other regulatory filings. This allows analysts to leverage each other's expertise and insights, leading to more informed and well- rounded investment research.

Customized Earnings Export

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One of our key features is the customized export of earnings data to Excel format, which allows analysts to easily import the data of interest into their own models and perform their own analysis.

Portfolio Holdings Analysis

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We process portfolio holdings data of large institutional investors, which can be used to identify potential opportunities for investment, based on the holdings (equities, closed-end investment companies, ETFs, convertible debt securities, equity options, and warrants) of successful investment managers. Among other things, we also identify trends in institutional investment activity, quarter over quarter, such as which stocks or sectors are being bought or sold by major investment firms.

Insider Trading Analysis

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By processing insider trading data from regulatory filings, we provide insights into the trading activity of insiders such as executives, directors, and large shareholders. Through analysis of this data, investors can gain insights into the sentiment of company insiders and identify potential trading opportunities. By analyzing the historical correlation between insider trading activity and stock prices, investors may be able to speculate future stock price movements based on current insider trading activity.

Private Placement Analysis

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Processing information from private placement offerings enables us to help angel investors, venture capitalists and corporate development teams of large firms identify potential investment opportunities in early-stage companies. Information made available includes name of business, geographical location, industry sector, names of key personnel, year of incorporation, amount and type of securities being offered etc.
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Banks and Asset Managers

Banks and Asset Managers can benefit from clientele intelligence, investment reports, and key information from SWFI’s cutting edge news source at Be the first to spot trends in banking with crypto assets, or follow traditional metrics such as assets under management of key institutional players, all while following banking news in our continuously updated news segment.


Investors can enjoy real-time news and updates, follow the trades of institutional clients, and watch industries by sector with up-to-the-minute assets under management and transactional details. Large pools of capital influence the market, and with SWFI research, actionable intelligence will be yours. Let SWFI handle the details so you can focus on making the right trades at the right times.

Investor Relations

Keep stakeholders informed with real-time updates and knowledge gained from SWFI’s decades of experience. Relevant news, insight, and ideas that can be used to inform necessary parties are available on our owner platform. Never miss a trend and follow preferences in shareholder values with our consistently updated news source.


Stay on top of key shareholder concerns and government matters with our news feature, email updates, and vast database of institutional investors with assets under management, key leaders, and contact information included for our members. Need to know where the market’s going? Who is investing where? Check in via our proprietary asset owner platform for all the latest happenings to stay ahead of the competition.

Law Firms and Service Providers

SWFI’s award-winning staff provide up-to-the-minute details of legal cases and fallout, and how it impacts the world of capital flowing around the world. Be the first to read SWFI’s concise coverage with all the important facts about cases ranging from crypto-assets to pension lawsuits. Research and intelligence also provides data from corporations, trusts, pensions, and sovereign wealth funds so you can be informed when fortunes are on the line.

Academics and Think Tanks

Never let an opportunity for learning pass you by with SWFI’s detailed coverage of each day’s news and current events, sprinkled with relevant insights thanks to SWFI’s decades in the industry. You will not only know the story, but the backstory, and other factors the financial media often leaves out. With SWFI’s vast database, you can also look up historical stories on the topics most relevant to your research.

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